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In the Garden


My daughter, who wants to try everything, is now in a “plant” phase, so now our window sills are hosting several succulents, herbs, budding bean sprouts and such, while our front porch is now adorned with a couple of flowering ferns and some tulip bulbs she procured from her grandmother “to get her started.” And all of that is fine and good, because I like plants and such just fine and it doesn’t really affect me one way or another. But in addition to this, she also wanted to plant a vegetable garden in the backyard… and this does affect me because I’m the one who has to work the tiller and haul her to various spots around town to collect sprouts and plants and seeds and all that.

I’m not like against getting dirty and sweaty, but I’m not a super fan of it either, and let me tell you, last week, as we tilled and planted that garden… it was hot!

But we got it done and we’ll see how it turns out. We planted peas, carrots, beans, peppers, cucumbers, tomato plants, potatoes, onions cabbage ans squash. Never really done a garden, so we’ll see how it goes. We’ve got plans to make our own salsa, why not, and we’ve either already got some stuff coming up or we’ve got some pesky weeds already invading our garden. Also, the dog seems to think we fixed up this nice big bed of dirt just for him.

A while back, I saw someone tweet about gardening with a funny quip that said, “Sure, growing your own tomatoes is fun. It’s a great way to save 45 cents three months from now.”

At least baby girl will be happy…

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