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[ Editor’s Note: I remember several years


I don’t know what the deal is lately but my xfinity has been completely unreliable and you can’t even talk to someone local it all has to go through the national hub or calling center and you have to raise cane about it to even get them to say they will credit you for the time your tv and internet was out. There has to be an alternative and don’t say dish or direct tv because they are just as bad.

Cheaper is not better if the service does not work half the time!

ago there was talk about West Memphis buying into their own cable TV service but nothing ever came of it.

I personally considered trying to “ cut the cord” a while back but it occurred to me that in order to get by on just streaming services alone ( like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.) I’d still have to have a fast reliable highspeed internet service, and around here there’s nothing better than Xfinity, so I’d end up having to pay them either way, and adding all the separate costs together, it’s not worth the headache]

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