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Back to the Playbook


Let's review recent events: First: The border is destroyed, fentanyl is flooding the U.S., killing more people this year than the entire Vietnam War casualty list, coming across via drug lords who are the ones really in charge right now. This last week 50 migrants were slaughtered by a couple smugglers who went off on a drug high and left them to die horribly in a truck trailer.

Per Daily Mail. com, here are the main news points as they came to our attention:

“ Firefighters found ' stacks of bodies' in the truck after temperatures reached a high of 103 degrees.

“ Officials suspect several migrants jumped or fell out of the back of truck before the traffickers discarded it “ Investigators are searching the area for more bodies after at least three were found scattered along the road “ The incident marks the deadliest illegal smuggling on U. S. soil in recent American history “ Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blamed President Joe Biden's ' deadly open border policies' for the tragedy “ White House Press Secretary Karine Jean- Pierre tried to deflect blame on Tuesday, but instead made a confusing statement that appeared to take ownership for the tragedy by saying the border is ' closed'”

Oh, those 'compassionate' leftists-led by Joe Biden-they really got it going on, don't they?

That's one.

Then, there's this: Roe vs. Wade was reversed. No big deal, right? What was an forced imposed federal mandate upon 350 million people has now been handed back to the respective states for their actual deliberation.

That makes people who scream “Our bodies, our choice” go all bonkers…while at

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‘Wordaholic’ By Robert L. Hall ROBERT HALL (cont.)

the same time when the Wuhan Flu shots were mandated by the Biden administration, those exact same leftists were screaming at unmasked, unvaccinated people, calling for them to be interred in prison camps, forced to undergo shots, as hundreds of thousands suffered the loss of their livelihoods, their businesses that they spent lifetimes making destroyed, deprived of a way to make a living or put food on the table for their families. Huh? Wonder when “My body, my choice,” sprouted wings and flew out the window?

Oh-h-h-h, maybe that's because it wasn't self-serving,

a right enumerated in the Constitution, nor in any amendment to the Constitution) was taken down, the Second Amendment to the original Constitution-namely the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed-was maintainedturning back the notoriously Democrat Party ruled enclave of New York City, which has seen a mass exodus of residents who were systematically denied that right, and has been the reason they have fled in the last years to states like Florida, Tennessee, Texas and Georgia notably-which do not suffer unprecedented crime and murders by criminals who are unfettered by George Soros, BLM and Antifa activism and financial backing of socialist causes, are for police defunding, and dedicated to bringing America to it's knees.

So, meanwhile, what is the oligarchy in the seat of government doing?

Well, a white, pant-suited Kamala Harris was photographed in a government jet, sending out a caption to the minions, “We're doing everything possible to restore

Even the commies drinking the party Kool-Aide didn't fall for that. She caught flack when a liberal journalist sent out over social media,

Don't think they ever got an answer from Kamala.

Maybe she's out looking for 'Root Causes' for that…you know like she did on the border crisis?

Then they do a Russianstyle kangaroo court straight out of the Cold War Theatre Show: An imbittered intern who was turned down from joining the Trump team, post-presidential, at Mar-a-Lago, Florida, claiming President Trump (in third-party tellalls) was snatching for steering wheels from the secret service entourage, cursing, throwing food against the wall, etc., etc., etc., Only one thing wrong with her tale. Every bit of her testimony was immediate countered and proven outright lies. Trump was not in the car named “The Beast” at the time, but in another vehicle, photos at the time revealed. And both the driver and the agent supposedly quoted by the snitchy never-was who is looking for a book deal from some lefty publisher, was proven a complete loser.

In addition, the CIA and agents in charge of Trump had already sent in reports of what the calendar was during these times, and the January 6th Committee

purposely hid

historical record from the public while presenting this complete sham of a hearing to their trained poodles in the media for slopping up by those with gullible mindsets.

After all, if you don't have a real record to run on, all that's left is fiction. So, it's back to the playbook for the Democrats: You know…calling everyone racist, and Hitler, and…well, you know the rest…same 'ol, same 'ol.

Robert L. Hall is a resident of Marion and has a Bachelor’s Degree in music from the University of Memphis and a Master’s Degree from Florida State University.

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