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Bream hot at Midway Lake

Bream hot at  Midway Lake


I f you want to catch an ice box full of big river bream, right now, go to Midway Lake. Midway is about 15 minutes farther away than Horseshoe. It is behind the levee and the Mississippi River is just getting out of the lake.

Papa Duck was visiting Ed’s Camp last Friday and there were very few boats, but they were loading the coolers with big black river brim. Watching from the boat landing, I saw 2 boats about 100 yards off the shore catching fish after fish. Several times they had doubles on, and they caught about 50 brim in about 20 minutes. This is a perfect place to take the kids and let them catch all they want. It is the best Papa Duck has seen in years! One boat came in to get more crickets from the bait shop and the cooler was full. Drinks and snacks are available at the bait shop along with live bait.

Call 901-488-9902 for current fishing reports and how to get there.

Horseshoe had its weekly bass tournament and the parking lots were full at both Bonds and Kampkare Free. Crappie are being caught under the piers and across the lake in the cypress. Bream have really picked up using crickets around the cypress. It is common to find a bream bed where several fish are caught quickly and that includes shell crackers.

Catfishing is good on limb lines, trot lines, and single poles. Your favorite catfish bait will probably work.

On pretty days, the lake has its share of jet skis and water skiers, so be careful.

Some folks that run boats have not been taught “water courtesy”!

Wapanocca continues to be either very good or awful for bass, crappie, and bream. There are very nice fish being caught on the lucky day mostly in the woods. A few fishermen report large beds of both blue gills and shell crackers where 25 or more fish are taken. It will not be long before the moss starts to take over. Tilden Rodgers and Marion Recreation lakes have large crowds catching mostly catfish and bream along with the occasional crappie, bass, and large turtles. Tilden Rodgers has many more families and fishermen enjoying the lakes. Both are extremely nice facilities.

A scientific study was conducted to determine if fish see color and which color is the most effective depending on water clarity, light penetration, and depth, Purple and black are the last to be seen and chartreuse is most liked by fish.

Black and Chartreuse has always been a good combination to start with, but the secrete may be using a combo the fisherman has the most confidence in.

Not into fishing? Squirrel season opened May 15 and there is an abundance of bush tails in the woods.

Don’t forget the bug spray and boots. The snakes are about as active as the mosquitoes. Frog season is going on and the bull frogs are active and loud. A fishing license is required to frog hunt. A tip from Papa Duck, the buffalo and other kinds of gnats are very thick and can take the fun out of being outside.

Try vanilla extract. Put it on exposed skin and on the hat or cap. It really works and smells better than bug spray. It is not as effective on mosquitoes.

Memorial Day is next Monday May 25, 2020.

It is a long weekend, and everybody enjoys BBQ.

Rather than tending a BBQ pit or smoker, get some of the best eating butts, ribs, and chickens from Bonds Store at Horseshoe. It is done the old fashion way of slow cooking over real hickory and the sauce is outstanding. There is a limited amount so make your reservations by Thursday.

The BBQ can be picked up around noon time on Saturday. Don’t forget the slaw and beans. Give Natalie a call at 870-339-2464.

Hopefully, this plague will soon end. In the meantime, gather the family up and enjoy Mother Nature.

Take plenty of pictures and send them to Papa Duck along with the story that goes with them. Lakeside Taxidermy encourages hunting and fishing because we need the business. We produce a beautiful mount quickly and at a very reasonable cost.

Papa Duck Lakeside Taxidermy 901-482-3430 [email protected]

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