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I hate this year


OK, I’ve had enough of 2020.

I’ve tried to keep a positive attitude. Despite all the bad stuff that has gone down this year, it hasn’t been all bad.

Both of my sons got married this year. That’s good, right? Also… well you’ve got me there. I guess we can call upon the great Hank Williams who once sang, “But we’re still a-livin’, so everything’s okay.”

Except we’re not all still a-livin’, sadly more than 200,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. That number, obviously, is going to continue to go up. I don’t have a funny or positive spin I can put on that. There has been a lot of tragedy this year, and not all of it coronavirus- related, from social unrest to natural disasters, 2020 has been a mess.

The latest bad news to come across my personal news feed is that one of the icons of my youth has passed away. For those who grew up around here, pro wrestling is as much a part of the culture as Elvis and barbecue. So, when I found out that Joe Laurinaitis had died at the age of 60, I was pretty bummed.

Who is Joe Laurinaitis? Well, he’s just one half of one of the greatest wrestling tag-teams of all time. You might know him better as Animal, partner of Hawk in the Legion of Doom itself, the Road Warriors With their mohawks, face paint and spiked shoulder pads, the Road Warriors spent the 80’s and 90’s wrecking fools in the wrestling ring. I spent much of my youth watching them battle with the likes of the Rock & Roll Express, the Fabulous Ones and the Four Horsemen. And by all accounts, outside of the ring, he was a pretty cool guy, too.

Rest in Peace, Animal.

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