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Paranormal Activity


I love scary movies. My favorites are those ridiculously over-the-top slasher movies with the likes of Jason and Freddy and Michael and Chucky slicing and dicing promiscuous teenagers for smoking pot and having premarital sex or whatever. But right under those terrible films are the ghost/demon/unknown entity movies. The scariest part of those is that many of them are based on “true” stories. I guess the most famous one of those is the “Amityville Horror,” from back in the 1970s. That “true” story is so popular, they are still making movies and TV shows about the real case the book is based on.

And whether or not there were any possessions or supernatural elements in reality, the fact that there might have been is enough to add another layer to what is (ghosts or no ghosts) a gruesome real-life murder case.

I mention all of this because sometimes I could swear my house is haunted. No, there haven’t been any floating beds or upside-down crosses or voices telling us to “get out” or anything like that, but there are definitely some unexplained phenomena going on.

For example, the thermostat never seems to be where I’ve set it. Also, kitchen cabinet doors and drawers that I know for sure were closed will be left open. Also, there will be lights in the house in rooms where the door is closed but there’s no one in there. The TV will also be on but there’s no one watching it… or is there?

I will say, I don’t have any proof, per se, that there are spooks and spectres lurking in the shadows, but if there are, the least they could do it pitch in on the electric bill.

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