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do I get something to you, like not an email or text?


H ow

[Editor’s Note: Well, I’m glad you asked. I have mentioned it a couple of times, but it’s worth mentioning it again. While we have been out of the old Crittenden Publishing building for almost a year now and are mostly working from home, we do maintain a small of_ce in West Memphis for just this sort of thing. If there’s some physical item you need to give us or if you need to have face time with an actual person, you can come see us at 310 N. Missouri St, Suite 10. It’s in the same building as Stewart Title, upstairs right at the top of the stairs. It’s not much, but it does give us a base of operations to connect with the public] The Cherry Blossom festival in Japan has started early this year, in fact the earliest ever since 812 when the event was rst recorded. The festival signals the traditional sign of the start of Spring. The start of Spring is determined by nature and not by a calendar and nature knows that climate change is real and not just an occasional odd result. Since nature and scientists have recognized the effects of climate change why are there still so many that doubt it? Of course, the benet might be that when it eventually starts to happen at Christmas time it will be easier for people to use their Christmas holiday break to go and see it. [Editor’s Note: You really seem to have put a lot of thought and effort into this message, especially since it basically ended up being the set-up to a snarky quip. Sadly, I’m afraid your little cautionary tale will do little to convince climate change deniers that there’s any cause for alarm. Hopefully, future generations will be better caretakers of the planet than we are]

so-called engineers who work for the highway department in this state? How can you shut down the place where two of the busiest interstates in the U.S. come together and expect people to get where they are going. There has to be a better way … and THEN completely shut down Highway 77 … the OTHER route people could take when the interstate is too backed up??? It got to be the same ones who designed the Intersection of Doom in Marion! [Editor’s Note: Oh, you don’t have to tell me. I had to go to West Memphis from Marion three times yesterday, each trip more congested and ridiculous than the last. Best I can tell, Airport Road/College Boulevard is the best (but still a mess) route for that right now. And if you think this is bad, just wait until they finally pull the trigger

roundabout project]

I thought it was illegal to ride ATVs and four-wheelers on city streets. I guess that doesn’t apply in River Trace. [Editor’s Note: Oh, it’s most de_nitely illegal, and I’m pretty sure it does apply to River Trace. The thing is, it’s one of those things that a lot of folks will just say “They’re not hurting anybody,” or whatever and basically dare you to call the police, sort of like the people who were pitching a _t and not wearing their face masks, just counting the idea that no one will call them out on their bad behavior … and most of the time, that’s exactly what happens. And just like the mask thing, the chances of anyone getting hurt by this person choosing to do the wrong thing are pretty low, they are de_nitely not zero, but it only takes a quick Google search to _nd hundreds of cases where four-wheelers on city streets were a recipe for disaster]

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