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Turrell Police Chief suspended

Jennings off the job pending sexual assault investigation

Jennings off the job pending sexual assault investigation


Jennings off the job pending sexual assault investigation


Turrell Police Chief Perry Jennings was suspended last week pending a sexual assault investigation according to the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office. A Jonesboro woman stopped at the Turrell Travel Plaza at 5 a.m., Sunday, Oct. 3, for a cup of coffee and shake off some sleepiness. She fell asleep in her vehicle anyway and was awakened by Jennings tapping on her window shortly after 7 a.m., according to her boyfriend

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Turrell Police Chief Perry Jennings has been suspended and faced on-duty sexual assault allegations.

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Antonio Cash of Jonesboro on a Facebook Live video later that day.

Jennings reportedly saw two ounces of marijuana inside the car and told the woman to follow him to the police station, threatened her with prison time, exposed himself and sexually assaulted the woman.

“I get a phone call from my baby momma hysterically crying,” said Cash. “I had called her (to come) because I had a _at tire and she coming to get me. She pulled off because she gets tired and wakes up to a police ofcer tapping on her passenger window. He tells her after allegedly nding a misdemeanor amount of marijuana that he’s going to arrest her and to follow, listen, had her leave the crime scene, and follow her to the police station.”

Cash claimed Jennings looked up her record and told her she would go to prison. Cash graphically described the ensuing sexual assault.

“To prove my point he put his phone number in her phone,” said said Cash. “Why else would he do that? To have her send sexually explicit photos of herself to him.”

Jennings also serves the Luxor Police Department as a part-time ofcer.

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